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Connect easier than ever before.

  • Fast

    Seamlessly add your social media handles with the push of a button.

  • Open

    Search and find your friends' social media profiles, all from one place.

  • Connected

    Build your social network. Always stay up to date on new activity within your network.

  • Simple

    Dropdown technology, everywhere you go. Tap a social media icon to navigate directly to a friend's profile.

All your handles in one place.

Prove yourself to the world

  • AquaBeam

    Easily gain likes and followers on social media by beaming out your profiles to a public channel. Earn AquaBeams through in-app activity to prove your value to the world.

  • Aqualytics

    Discover how many people are looking at each of your social media profiles. Learn more about your audience and adjust your AquaBeams to gain more followers.

The new era of Social Networking for Social Media.

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