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Transform the way you share social media.


  • Share All Social Media Handles

    Gone are the days placing social media emblems on advertising, YouTube videos, and websites. The future is here! Clean up your posts by sharing one scan code to share all social media handles at the same time.

  • Benefits for Advertisers and Viewers

    It is expected that viewers go on each social platform separately to add a person or company and this never happens. With Aquaint, companies will gain an even following across all platforms and users will be able to acess all accounts seamlessly.

  • Available on Web and Mobile

    Use Aquaint on any device or computer.

All your handles in one place.

All-In-One Social Code

Connect easier than ever before.

  • Your Own Aesthetic Aquaint Code

    Easily share social media profiles on your advertising campaigns, social media posts, YouTube videos and more!

  • Profile views

    Aquaint allows you to understand how effective your marketing campaigns are by sharing your unique Aquaint code. This allows you to adjust marketing tactics to produce better results and gain higher traffic.

  • Engagements

    Our advanced technology provides engagement analytics to see how many people are clicking on each of your social media profiles.

The new era of Social Networking for Social Media.


  • More Data

    Our premium package provides detailed analytics ranging from location, age, and gender. This is perfect for companies, influencers, or anyone trying to build a large and even following across all platforms.

  • Engagement Breakdown

    Users are able to see which social profiles are their most popular and most clicked profiles.

  • Location and Age

    This allows companies and influencers to understand which locations are most interested in their social media profiles allowing you to adjust emphasis in certain locations. You are also able to understand the age range of your audience.

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